Capturing those special moments of the stunning wildlife which is to be found in nature or to portray the wonders of a magical world,

to bring them into yours.


I will no longer be selling to addresses outside the UK after 12 noon, Wednesday 30th December 2020, while I see what adjustments I may need to make to do so correctly due to all the changes re: Brexit.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back onto this once things start to roll smoothly with the process and when I know what postage costs may be as well as any other procedures that may arise.

So if you wish to make any orders before that, please do but be quick as I will stop taking them 12pm, Wednesday 30th December 2020, any after that will be refunded less any fees.

Very sorry for this 'temporary' (hopefully) pause in my shipping to you overseas but I will rectify this as soon as possible and I am sure and comfortable with it.