Hi, I'm Gaynor and I'm the artist working at Sleepy Oaks Studio

I am a UK artist, living in Derbyshire and Sleepy Oaks Studio is the place where my magic happens.


My path began a very long time ago, like others as a youngster I'd play for hours drawing everything I loved. As I got older, my love for nature and wildlife also grew and my strong interests in them pushed me to learn as much as possible about the different species and their habitats and the land we live upon.

I never stick to just one medium as I really love to challenge myself, using different techniques and subject matter. I usually choose the medium which I feel will be best suited to the artwork I am to do. 

Creativity should flow and have no limits! 


My preferred subjects are wildlife and fantasy, although I sometimes venture into landscapes as our world is just so amazing.

I find inspiration in so many places and a simple everyday setting or object can soon turn into an enchanted spot for a fairy or two; or a hazy edge of woodland into a glorious background for a host of wildlife.


The artwork I create show a glimpse into my life's journey; a window into the subjects I feel most passionate about and the higher points that I find interesting and intriguing, but also those that make me happy. 

Often I will experiment with techniques and colour to get the overall look I want to achieve. 

My work aims to connect the viewer to the same feelings of wonder that I feel when within the land, sea and sky. My work is always born from a happy place: the places, beings and subjects that I love and deeply appreciate. 

Other than my artwork, I also create other things such as small sculptures - check out my dragons - and some crafts such as pyrography and needlework. I also enjoy writing stories and poetry and am steadily working on a few books.