MALDWYN is a little welsh Dragon. His name means 'brave friend' ~ which he is to those whom are good, gentle and kind.

Blue and Gold with Tigers Eye eyes, full of courage. 


MALDWYN is approx. 4" inches(Height) x 5" inche(Length)s x 3" inches(Width) at the largest points. 


He comes with his special Certificate of Ownership and is boxed. 


He is totally hand-made and there will be no others like this one. Unique, one of a kind sculpture. This is an art sculpture and as such needs to be handled gently and with care. 


He is not a toy. 


Medium: Hand sculpted using high quality polymer clay and varnished with a high gloss varnish (2 coats) Genuine Tigers Eye gemstone eyes.



Taking care of your Dragon ~ 


Your dragon art sculpture has been created from polymer clay and should be treate gently sand with care.


Avoid high impact( no force, bangs or attempting to bend) and high heat. 


If cleaning is required, use a soft brush or cloth to gently brush/wipe away any dust, taking care around small, pointy or delicate parts.


Do not use cleaning products/chemicals on your dragon.


Your dragon is an art sculpture and is not suitable for small children or pets.



Please contact for more details/any queries.


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Boxed and packaged with care.



Please note that colors may differ due to different monitor settings.


  • MALDWYN is approx. 4" inches(H) x 5" inche(Length)s x 3" inches(D) at the largest points.